Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inhibitors and the power of sleep

I didn't work today and called in due to the weather and me being under it with a common cold. not so common for me because i rarely get ill. but hey its a new year.

in the latest skin news i came across some great information in the Allure magazine December issue 2009. they feature the latest trends in ingredients and break them down due to their claims, the products that offer them and the science behind them. the growing Acai berry which if you frequent LA then you had it plenty. its like the new Green tea of the decade in my eyes. now you can find them in your parfaits and smoothies and even lotions that you buy for your body. Acai berry is a powerful antioxidant that protects from free radicals that start to break down elastin and collagen, resulting in the slowing of premature aging of the skin.

the most interesting was the section in regards to Genomic technology. its technology that identifies which genes are responsible for certain proteins that your own body produces to reverse sun damage and prevent. essentially more of these proteins that are activated the time travel process occurs to your skin. why i found this so intriguing is that everyone has sen the Olay commercials and no one knows what exactly is that makes it so special. and this was the answer finally! the mapping of the human genome is hugely exciting, but that just tells us where genes are located on DNA strands. the next step is figuring out what they do and how to manipulate them. we are still in the beginning stages of this of this technology but derms all agree this is the future of skin care.

now for my personal testimony, Melatonin. a hormone that regulates sleep cycles, is also an antioxidant and allegedly a collagen booster. when combined with other antioxidants, melatonin has a synergistic effect, helping them penetrate the skin better. so if your skin were a football field, melatonin would be a massive lineman clearing a path for a wiry running back. (that was for the boys) crucial to the skin's structure, it could help skin look firmer and smoother. Dr. Murad has a great product with topical melatonin that i put to the test. it made my lines look more relaxed in as little as 7 days. the Sleep reform serum helped me and i know it could work wonder with other who just are not happy with deeper lines on the forehead in conjuction with their intense wrinkle serum that smoothies the skin into perfection. pricey products but they work in my opinion. a great alternative for those who cant spend 400 on botox every three months. you end up spending half the amount and save time from visiting the Spa for pain, might as well enjoy the facility and get a facial and pamper yourself.

speaking of pampering, i am with a glass of wine. filled with polyphenols that help with cariovascular health and cell defense. time now to get some z's in this gloomy weather and hope the melatonin kicks in with the antioxidants and betters my skin. dont try this at home as a antiaging regimen but its nice to relax. just trying to put the you back in beauty.

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  1. I read every word and had no idea melatonin was good for skin. And you really threw me for a loop with the football reference. I wondered for a moment if it was someone else's writing. Thanks Guy Who Makes Everything Beautiful!