Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lets Talk Oxi-dants

the buzz around town is "Do Antioxidants really work?"

well its simple and logical. i believe this is a conspiracy started by people who are tired of paying for good skin and want the rest to start ageing who can afford to slow the process down. When the statue of liberty started to fade and oxidise we fixed her. when you want food to stay fresh you seal it in a container for freshness. when you want to protect expensive floors you have them waxed and sealed. when you want to protect your skin from the harsh enviornment we give it a healthy dose of antioxidants that protect it from the aggressors. If you haven't educated yourself its okay, that's why we are here together. a well balanced application of an antioxidant cream, serum or face mist can help in the long run by giving your skin that protection it deserves and craves. we start to die and age the moment we live. just like physicians instruct us on how to live a long and youthful life so should we treat our skin. the largest organ that makes our body. the Most popular and antioxidants are as follows: vitamin A, C, E, B5, K, and COQ10. all which can be found in natural ingredients and man made. anti inflammatory Alpha Lipoic Acid is revered by UCLA physicians as a major anti cancerous supplement. keep in mind ageing is internal external and mental. we must first take take whats within so we can exude the beauty through our skin. we can quickly correct topically while the supplements heal internally. Dr. Patricia Wexler who in my mind is top notch bitch! revolutionized with her discovery of MMP's and her MMPi technology to stop aggressors and allow the skin to rejuvenate itself. you can find great products at Sephora who's vast selection of Beauty brands and beauty experts who are ready to help and consult with you. my advice to have a Lil fun is to go in and receive a quick consultation they call Service express, the Skin consultation will be educational and a new experience to be able to gage where to go from here. remember take your vitamins and you wont get sick. take you antioxidants and you wont age as fast.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beauty You hold within.

Royal welcome,

This Blog is a seed for Our beauty. I will enlarge my beauty, yours. All will benefit from the advice exchanged and shared. I am a esthetician and work for one of the nations top beauty coorporations. it has been a goal of mine to share knowledge and be able to continue to grow with others who to want to continue their knowledge when it comes to all things beauty. The Limits are endless and the Journey is fruitful. Now lets begin by placeing the You back in Beauty.