Friday, October 23, 2009

Skinny Jeans dosent mean Skinny on the Face

Trends Trends Trends, get use to them because they are what they state they are but Trends.

The important thing to remember is that "The proof is in the Puddin", as my mamma use to tell me. many intellectuals say that the "truth shall set you free" and well i can't back that up necessarily but say that it makes the decision makers position a little bit easier. to make the right choice all we really need is the facts and what type of consequences there are.

this brings me back to my last posting on Retinol.

Trends in the Beauty industry come and go but the staples and pillars that make it always stay true. Reflecting on what i said and being able to be a true testament on what is said, Retinol is the only FDA approved anti-aging ingredient out in the market. World famous Renova is taking charge. Renova which has been a celebrity amongst celebrities is now available to everyone. smooth faces make better canvases for make up application and better confidence overall. when i am not looking my best i know i just want to crawl away and hide til i fix the issue. well with this miracle cure it can all be easier.

Everyone i know is on a budget and showing it. fashions always reflect whats going on in the nation and the skinny jean might be that very mirror image of what its looking like for the nation and especially the great state of California. so cutting back on all these wonder potions and devices might seem relevant to you and your decision making these days with the holidays around the corner. I am here to make it simple. like Martha Stewart and her Living magazine i too have some simple alternatives to your chaos hustle and bussel for the holidays. You can wear Skinny jeans but don't let the skinny products reflect that in your face. choose one product to solve it all and give you time to what is important; You. why spend hundreds on four to five products when you can spend a fraction on one. Remember we are putting the You back in Beauty. it doesn't take an army to destroy a nation but one man. Adolf Hitler is an example. no need to be notorious on your shopping sprees and debt when it comes to beauty. keep it clear and simple and on the table. remember you now have the facts and can make the right choice for you.

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